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Hi, I’m Malerie

I’m a passionate healer, teacher, and physician of Classical Chinese Medicine located in Cleveland, Ohio. My practice offers a complete system of care including acupuncture, herbs, dietary health, mind-body guidance, gentle exercise, and general health education. 
I provide care to patients seeking treatment for pain relief, digestive health, emotional health, and women’s health including regulating hormones and menstruation, fertility, labor, postpartum, and menopause.

Whether in-person or online, I’m here to guide and support you in your health journey. While you’re here, search for a topic of interest over on my blog. I hope you find something useful! 



Herbal Medicine

Dietary Therapy

Mind-Body Guidance


“After the first acupuncture treatment, I slept soundly and felt more refreshed in the mornings.”

When I began seeing Malerie, I was having a difficult time sleeping and felt fatigued all day, every day. Every day felt overwhelming, and it was a struggle to be present. After the first acupuncture treatment, I slept soundly and felt more refreshed in the mornings. After 5 treatments, I noticed the feeling of overwhelm was no longer an issue. I am more productive in my everyday life, and I enjoy going to work again; I feel more like myself. During my appointments with Malerie, I felt that she really understood the difficulty I was having with the insomnia and anxiety. She is a wonderful listener, the treatments were gentle, and this combination has truly made a difference in my life. I am very grateful!

          – H.L, North Carolina



“Malerie is a deeply grounded healer”

I have been a “patient” of Malerie’s throughout her education, which she builds upon daily, months after graduation. Malerie is well-respected by her teachers and those who were learning alongside her. Malerie is a deeply grounded healer, and I highly recommend her skill, her wisdom, and her authenticity.

         – B.P, North Carolina



“Malerie quickly created a calming, peaceful, and safe atmosphere for healing.”

It’s an early morning Monday morning and someone brings you an amazing cup of caffeination, and you say, “Oh my god, you’re a lifesaver”…that’s Malerie and acupuncture! I started working with her almost a year ago, and during that time she has definitely improved my outlook and quality of life. I suffered a traumatic brain injury while stationed overseas, and before receiving acupuncture, I had daily migraine-like headaches for 6 years. Not only did the weekly treatments totally eliminate the headaches, Malerie was able to address many of my PTSD symptoms and other physical injuries as well.

I am quite particular about my health care providers. Having a background in emergency medicine and being treated by well over 50 providers in the military after my injuries, I am very quick to judge and dismiss providers. Malerie has always taken the time to actually listen to me and allow me the time to fully describe what’s going on with my body. She never assumed what I was trying to say or rushed the intake, always asked what I wanted to work on and checked in regularly with me to ensure her treatment plan was working for me. She provided feedback and answered any questions I had throughout each session. Even though it’s a work in progress for me, Malerie has also taught me that “suck it up and just deal with the pain” is not the appropriate way to live in the civilian world!

Having been through too many other procedures and treatments (including other acupuncturists) where I did not trust the practitioner nor feel safe, Malerie quickly created a calming, peaceful, and safe atmosphere for healing. She is a very adaptable, compassionate, and awesome practitioner!

        – R.S, Minnesota