Eastern Benefits of Sardines!

Sometimes I get really annoyed that I have to feed myself. Don’t you?

After my annoyance subsides, I take another look in my pantry and remember: I have SARDINES! Ok, I know what you’re thinking, Sardines? Really? Let’s be honest, people either love sardines, hate them or aren’t sure about them.

If you already enjoy sardines, you’re awesome! Eat more of them and relish in their goodness throughout this post! If you hate them or aren’t quite sure about them, this post will give you a fresh perspective on their lesser-known nutritional benefits and versatile flavor profile.

Here’s what makes these mighty fish delicious and nutritious:

Sardines live in the sea and in oceans. To be more specific, they can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and in areas of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. But that’s not the point. The point is that sardines live in water. According to Chinese Medicine, the element of water is associated with your bones. So, guess what, they strengthen and nourish your bones! Sardines also nourish the fluids that surround your bones, joints, and muscles. These fluids, for example, synovial fluid, are needed to keep your bones and muscles well creased, smooth and functioning properly.

When I think about sardines, I picture them swimming quickly through the water. They swim in large schools just as your blood cells move inside your body. When I eat sardines, I imagine they are having the same effect in my body. Once broken down by the digestive system, their nutrients are sent swimming through the body to increase energy, move blood and nourish fluids. In Chinese Medicine, simply put, the movement of energy and blood is considered Qi. Qi is good! We need to nourish our Qi!

Buying & Eating Sardines

When you buy sardines, look for ones that contain the skin and bones. Why? As we learned from the information above, their bones nourish our bones and the skin contains vital nutrients just like the skin of an apple.

Here are my recommendations:

Wild Planet Wild Sardines In Spring Water, 4.375 oz

King Oscar Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spicy Cracked Pepper, 3.75 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Crown Prince Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil, 3.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

I also really like Trader Joe's Sardines. See image below!

Sardines are pretty cool, huh?

In case you need a bit more encouragement before taking the sardine plunge, keep in mind, these small fish take on the flavor you give them. So, the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite ways to eat them is to drench them in olive oil with a dash of S & P, then wrap them in lettuce and enjoy! Sardines are also similar to tuna in the way that they are soft in texture and not too fishy. They also fall apart easily too, which means you can mash them into a sardine salad, create a dip or delicious dressing. All Hail the Caesar salad!

Want more? Try this peppery grilled piri piri recipe!

I hope this post inspires you to buy some sardines, invite a few friends over and experience the wonder of this small and mighty fish together. You’re friends and your Qi will thank you!

If you’re interested in reading about western benefits of sardines, check out this post by Wellness Mama.

Do you love sardines? Did you just recently try them? Share your experience and recipes in the comment section below!


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