Chinese medicine uses food to maintain health and recover from illness. This is applied by considering the foods energetic properties and ones current condition. When used with western dietary therapy, including vitamins, and minerals desired results are achieved.

Add this to water to avoid dehydration

use this one ingredient for hydration If you suffer from the following symptom, you’re likely thirsty – or worse – dehydrated. Dry mouth Dry skin Dizziness Fatigue Headaches Yellow urination Muscle cramps Very few of us drink enough water, but why don’t we feel hydrated after drinking a big glass of water? In this video, I […]

Winter Food Guide

Sign up Below to Grab Your Winter Food Guide! It’s packed with resources to nourish you from the inside out during these cold days. This food guide is for you if you want to:  Rid your body of cold, aches and pains Provided adequate moisture to your skin and cells Live in accordance with the seasons  […]

Fundamental Winter Practice (2 of 4)

The Second Fundamental Winter Practice! Before we jump in, I’d like to remind you that these Fundamental Winer Practices are specifically designed for the winter season. They are intended to repair, nourish and keep you vital for the rest of the winter season and seasons ahead. They are also meant to be simple! Click here […]