Chinese medicine uses food to maintain health and recover from illness. This is applied by considering the foods energetic properties and ones current condition. When used with western dietary therapy, including vitamins, and minerals desired results are achieved.

What’s in an almond

The bad. The good. The East. The west. The magnificent almond! This nut is considered a high-grade food in Chinese medicine due to its nutritional content and the way it supports our qi (overall energy).  In 2011, the almond gained in popularity due to its creamy milk. Since then it has stayed at the top of […]

5 Flavors for Healing with Food, Herbs & Spices

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates Everyone struggles with their relationship to food. Choosing what to eat can be challenging, frustrating and overwhelming.  Once you begin to show signs of discomfort like constipation, hot flashes, fatigue, and food allergies or food sensitivities, your relationship with food becomes even more […]

The Effects of the Bitter Flavor

My Experience with Bitter Coffee How do you relate to the bitter flavor? Do you crave it from your coffee, love it in dark chocolate or perhaps, need it from your Brussel sprouts? I have a love hate relationship with the bitter flavor. Its taste is striking and distinct, yet harsh and brass at times […]

The Sweet Flavor, The Sugar you Need

Sugar has a terrible reputation. It’s been condemned by medical studies and doctors so much so that it is feared by many.  This fear has caused a deficiency in humans: a deficiency of sugar or glucose. This deficiency means that your body and brain are not getting enough glucose. As a result, Americans are experiencing […]

Why You Need the Sour Flavor

What does the sour flavor do? The sour flavor is one of the most exceptional flavors that we have available to us. It is a flavor that cleanses and aids digestion, hydrates, provides essential minerals, and helps our body to retain necessary fluids. Imagine biting down into a fresh lemon or lime. Your lips pucker, […]

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