5 Flavors for Healing with Food, Herbs & Spices

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates Everyone struggles with their relationship to food. Choosing what to eat can be challenging, frustrating and overwhelming.  Once you begin to show signs of discomfort like constipation, hot flashes, fatigue, and food allergies or food sensitivities, your relationship with food becomes even more […]

What is Meditation & How to Meditate

More and more people are taking an interest in meditation. It is a tool that is serves us as individual well in all aspects of our life. Once you experience its richness, you’ll find yourself wanting more. This post will give you a different perspective into what meditation is and how to start meditating. What […]

How to Deal with Family during the Holidays

Tis the season for family time! Whether you love your inner circle completely, find them to be a challenge or dread family gatherings all together, this post will give you suggestions and a shift in perspective as you head into the holiday’s.  Storybooks and movies can imply that the holidays are meant to be joyous […]

What is Gua sha?

Gua sha for health, healing and beauty Gua sha has been used for thousands of years as a form of massage. It incorporates the use of a handheld tool, like a porcelain soup spoon or smooth stone. The tool is used to massage the skin and muscles with light, moderate or heavy pressure.  “Gua” is to […]

How to Heal from Emotional Trauma

The choice in healing is yours Over a year ago a good friend asked me to speak about emotional traumas from a Classical Chinese Medicine perspective. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how to approach this delicate topic. It is one that has many facets. In this post, I provide an introduction to what emotional […]