How to be Your Own Health Advocate

Being your own health advocate is one of the most important skills to develop. This is because no one knows your health and how how you feel better than you do. Sure, physicians and doctors can guide you to solutions, but you are the only one who can decide if health recommendations are best for […]

Acupuncture for Fertility

5 Reasons to choose Acupuncture for Fertility, Infertility Your fertility journey is as important as the baby you want to conceive. During this process, you’ll want to take care of yourself first. I know this may seem obvious, or maybe not. Either way, in order for the female body to conceive a child, it needs […]

Qi Gong Warm Up Exercises

Qi gong warm up Exercises Qi Gong (pronounced chi gong) is the ancient Chinese practice of activating the body’s energy, while working with your breath to calm the mind, and heal the body. In this short video, I share with you basic Qi Gong warm up exercises you can do anywhere at any time of […]

Stop Using Contraceptives! Heal your Feminine with Natural Medicine

A Public Service Announcement on women’s health! The number of women using contraceptives in the United States is astonishing. A recent study by the CDC reported that over 2/3 of women use contraceptives to control, regulate, and suppress their menstrual cycle, and reduce pain. But, contraceptives don’t fix the issue! As a matter of fact, […]

Add this to water to avoid dehydration

STay Hydrated with this one ingredient Many of us drink plenty of water, yet we’re still left feeling thirsty.    If you suffer from the following symptoms, your body is in need of essential resources. Dry mouth Dry skin Dizziness Fatigue Headaches Yellow urination Muscle cramps   In this video, I share one common kitchen item […]

Life on Autopilot, 3 Steps to Enhance Your Routine

Let’s go for a drive. Prepare to leave your home. Grab your keys, phone, and wallet. Get in your car. Once in your car, choose a destination that you frequent daily or weekly. This destination might be work, the grocery store, school, the park, or daycare. Got your destination? Great. Now, put your destination aside. You […]

One Surefire Way to Overcome Feeling Unfulfilled

This topic is like a difficult itch to scratch. It’s that annoying yet attention-grabbing sensation that festers. I’m talking about feeling unfulfilled. It’s the uncomfortable emptiness. Those nagging thoughts that there is something else, somewhere else, someone else or some other way! Have You Felt Unfulfilled Before? I know I have it. For me, it […]

Fundamental Winter Practice (4 of 4)

Hi, Welcome! I am going to introduce you to the fourth and final Winter Self-Care Practice! I’ll be providing you specific examples and lots of references for this practice. So, be sure to stick around till the end. If you’re just joining for the first time, be sure to read and watch the first three […]

Fundamental Winter Practice (3 of 4)

Third Fundamental Winter Practice Welcome to the third Fundamental Winter Practice! If you’re just joining, please be sure to read the first and second winter practices. You can find those here and here! For those of you who have joined me these past two weeks, thank you! Without further discussion, the Third Fundamental Winter Practice […]