Take a taste of the world around you! It’s here to give you a boost, relieve your pain, release your troubles, and support your entire system. Our plush environment of flowers, roots, twigs, and leaves grow to be used as medicine. Let them support you.

Fatigue: There’s an Herb for That!

The days go by and you’re feeling fine. Then one day comes along, and you’re feeling fatigued. Completely tired. Your eyes lackluster and your body feels weak. Your motivation and creativity have decreased. You feel like a stick in the mud, literally. Fatigue can last for one day or even a year. It can also ruin […]

What’s Your Poop Story?

Let’s talk about poop! This topic has fascinated Chinese medical practitioners for thousands of years. Their theory is simple. Your health is determined by the state of your digestive system. When your digestive system is irritated, the rest of your body will be taxed. This taxation can lead to a short-term or long-term issues that […]

There’s an Herb for that: Digestive Distress and Heart Health

You ate too much and you feel like crud, now what? Are you concerned about your blood pressure and heart health?  Lucky for us, there’s an herb that addresses both concerns. Two for one! It’s hard to beat that bargain. This herb will ease digestive distress and aid in heart health. The magnificent herb in reference […]