Cold & Flu Season Saviors

It's almost fall! That means cold and flu season is going to be the talk of the town. Lucky for me and you, we have remedies that will quell those evil germs that challenge our immune system. No need to be laid up for a few days.

Below are our Top Five Cold & Flu Season Saviors:

Number One 

At the first hint of discomfort, any sign or symptom that could be related to a cold or flu, get in with your acupuncturist ASAP. That day or the next day. Even if it is barely there body aches, a slight sore throat, or tiredness...seriously the first sign of discomfort make an appointment with your acupuncturist. Why? Because your body is responding to a foreign pathogen and it's using all of its very best resources to fight it off...which in turn are causing your signs and symptoms. You're acupuncturist will help your body respond and attack back!

Number Two

Dose up on Vitamin C. Pronto! A lot of it. More than the recommended dose. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It also enhances our white blood cell activity, which fight off foreign pathogens. Make Vitamin C a house hold staple. Take it preventatively if those around you are getting sick. Ps. orange juice, does not count as a Vitamin C resource. You'll need a higher dose than what orange juice has to offer.

Number Three

Source Naturals Wellness Formula! These tablets are filled with antimicrobial botanicals. All the herbal goodness needed to fight off pathogens. Echinacea by itself is also a pathogen fighting monster! Dose up. There needs to be more of the pathogen fighting goodness than the pathogen in your system.

Number Four 

Eat your chicken soup! Organic store bought chicken broth or home made bone broth are best. Add a LOT of scallions to your chicken soup, even when you think it's enough, add more! Include parsley or cilantro too. They are also filled with antioxidants and vitamins. These two kitchen herbs are a personal favorite.

Scallions or Cong Bai in Chinese Herbology are antibacterial. They also induce sweat and disperse cold in Chinese Medicine. All good things, my friend! Parsley and cilantro are filled with

Number Five 

When your Chinese Medicine doctor asks if you'd like herbs, say, "Yes!" Please! The right formula to fit your symptoms will feel like the potion to your motion. It should be fast and effective! Often when we are not well it's quicker to take a pill than anything else. Chinese Herbs come in all different forms. Ask your doctor if he has teapills, tablets or granulars rather than raw tea herbs.

That's it! It may seem like a lot, but it's actually quite simple. When it's cold and flu season, our number one priority is avoiding illness and that means filling our body with a defense team again pathogens. Preventatively or at the first sign of symptoms, these tools can mean the difference between getting worse or holding steady.

This post was inspired by my own recent battle with a cold & flu pathogen. As a fourth year graduate student, I saw my classmates go from bad to worse as they were taken down by a cold or flu pathogen. Certainly I didn't think I would be next, but I was! Luckily, I've followed the suggestions above and have created a defense team again the pathogen. I am still having some mild cold & flu symptoms, but they haven't prevented me from carrying on!

Here are a few suggested products to start your cold & flu basket. Check out their kid friend products and dosages too!

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Source Naturals Wellness Formula, 90 Tablets

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