Put the power of healing in your hands! My courses offer an opportunity to learn, and confidently apply secrets of this ancient medicinal trade. As your guide, you will be encouraged to experiment and play with the tools offered. Grab a notebook, and bring your curiosity, too!

Renew your liver with me!

A 10-day cleanse dedicated to providing your liver with only the nutrition it loves!

This renewal is perfect for those who experience bloating, fatigue, stress, acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, weight gain, excess sweat or oil, body odor, or autoimmune disease. 

We will primarily follow Chinese medicine practices for this renewal. Unlike modern and conventional cleanses that are harsh on our body, this cleanse will be gentle and highly effective!

You choose when you start. This renewal is be done in your own home.

What you’ll be provided:

  • Video introduction about what to expect and best practices.
  • Grocery list including food, beverages, and herbs.
  • List of foods to avoid.
  • Recipe suggestions.
  • Two 30-minute one-on-one check-in meetings. ($120 value)
  • 2oz Herbal tincture, Roots, to aid in removal of toxins. ($16 value)
  • Guidance on how to reintroduce foods post cleanse.
  • Private and recorded qigong class specifically for the liver.
  • Access to private forum to ask questions and have discussion.

Benefits & Expected Results:

  • More energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Stronger digestion
  • Clear mind
  • Clear skin
  • More knowledge about the food your liver loves!

Kitchen Herbs for Medicinal Use:
Beyond the Benefits

Let’s explore the richness our world has to offer! This series will offer you clarity in concept and in application. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be ready to use the practices and tools provided. I am honored to be your instructor. See you in class!