Fundamental Winter Practice (3 of 4)

Third Fundamental Winter Practice

Welcome to the third Fundamental Winter Practice! If you're just joining, please be sure to read the first and second winter practices. You can find those here and here!

For those of you who have joined me these past two weeks, thank you!

Without further discussion, the Third Fundamental Winter Practice is to...


Winter is the perfect time to foster creativity. The cold brisk days and distant sunshine may keep us indoors more often, but this is a gift rather than a hindrance. Use this season to dream about seasons to come and the life you want live. Allow these dreams and aspirations to pour out into your creations. Give them life and form!

During the winter season, create anything you'd like. Bring something into existence! This can be a new creation, a revitalization of a previous creation or a whole new type of creation. It can be a short term creation or a long- term project. Either way, while in creation, let yourself get lost. Allow yourself to lose track of time and daily routines. If you have to be somewhere at a specific time, set a timer so that you can immerse yourself freely. Gift yourself with the freedom to roam within your creations. A chance to be curious and filled with wonder. 

Avenues for Creation

  • Write
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Cook
  • Build
  • Photograph
  • Garden
  • Play an instrument
  • Sing
  • Dance

The process of creations allows us to move inward. To connect with our will and our subconscious mind. Our will is our intention and our desire to persevere. We use our will as our driver. In Chinese Medical literature, your will resides deep within your Kidney's. This is the place where our lineage and rich history of paths traveled resides. Our subconscious mind can be described as the curtain behind the conscious. It is a place that unveils itself within dreams, meditation, and while in creation. Our subconscious mind sees subjectively and often communicates with symbolism. These two parts of ourselves are often described as the darkest and most mysterious. A perfect fit for the short days and dark winter nights. Invite them out to play and keep your mind and spirit vital!

*From our mind through our hands, we feed a deep desire to bring forth personality and spirit.*

My Favorite Way to Create

One of my favorite ways to create is to write. Many of you may have already assumed this. 🙂 I play with words like a painter plays with paint. I mix different combinations of words to depict feelings, emotions, character, and scenery. One day it all flows with ease and the next I struggle to form a sentence. Ease and struggle are a part of the creation process. They give us an opportunity to critic and to step away, only to return with a clear and patient mind. What would creation be without roadblocks and challenges anyway? 

I'd love to hear from you! What will you be creating or what have you already created?

Comment below and share your most recent or favorite creation! 

Here's the accompanying video for your viewing pleasure!


Further reading about the subconscious mind:

The Inner Language of the Subconscious Mind, Psychology Today

The Power of your Subconscious Mind, Brian Tracy

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