3 Ways to Shift into Spring (Part 2)

Spring is Almost Here!

In this video, I offer you a closer look at characteristics for the upcoming season. I then provide three easy ways to shift into spring. You can start them today. Hey, you may even already be doing them! 

Keep in mind that your shift into spring is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Let’s avoid overwhelm.

With that in mind, pick one aspect of your personal or external life that you want to shift. Then make a plan! Here are a few examples:


  • Focus on dietary changes
  • Commit to an exercise schedule
  • Start that THING (aka grow and develop)
    • This can be that project you’ve been thinking about, read that book, take a class, go to that conference, or plan your dream trip. 


  • Clean out, declutter and organize one room
  • Make a point to make one new friend or get rid of a nasty one
  • Say, “no,” politely to one thing you’d rather not do, then go do something you enjoy! 

Check out Shift into Spring Part One right here. 

Let’s Shift into Spring Together

If you’re feeling unsure or would like some guidance, I’d love to be a part of your process. Let’s schedule a complimentary 15-minute session to discuss your shift into spring. I’m here to be your guide! 

We can talk about ways to shift dietarily, mentally, physically or even organizationally! That last one is certainly a personal favorite.

We officially shift into Spring Tuesday, March 20! 

Additional Resources

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