Spring Cleaning Tips, The Chinese Medicine Way


It’s here! Can you feel it? Spring has arrived. 

We’ve entered a time of year when the days will grow longer and the sun will shine brighter. As a result, nature will become more active, new growth will appear, and we will begin to feel more expansive. It’s oh, so wonderful! 

Chinese Medicine, specifically it’s theory of Five Elements, views each seasonal shift as a time to embrace. A time when we can play in conjunction with the season. 

We are beings that live in nature. It surrounds us. As a results, we are directly affected by it’s seasonal shifts, changes, and forthcomings. 

The video below offers you a deeper understanding of the Five Element Theory by way of the Spring season. I share what it means to embody the wood element that is Spring. 

Sprout, Be flexible, Adapt


In part two of this series, I share three specific characteristics of Spring. These characteristics can easily be translated from nature into our day to day life.

When we shift with the season, our body and mind naturally welcomes the invitation. We are living in natures world after all. 

These three ways to shift into spring have a direct effect on the digestive system and therefore, the food we eat. If you decide to flow with the Spring season, let this process be fun and enjoyable. In other words, do your best to avoid overwhelm. Choose one and try it out. You can always come back to it.

As always, I hope you found something useful and thank you for watching!

Stay curious,

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