What is Yin | How to Cultivate it

Yin and yang are used to symbolize opposites.

This symbolism helps us to regain homeostasis within in our internal and external environments.

In Chinese medicine, yin and yang are the foundation of health and healing. 

The popular taijitu symbol to the right provides a birds eye view. 

Yin is black.

Yang is white.

Yang (white) exists within yin (black).

Yin (black) exists within yang (white).

There is always a piece of one within the other.

yin yang symbol

Yin & Yang in our Daily Lives

Feminine, Masculine

Rest, Activity

Down, Up

Cold, Hot

Dark, Light

Inside, Outside

In the video below, I share more about: 

  • What yin is
  • How I have used yin and yang in my daily life 
  • Specific ways to cultivate more yin in your day-to-day

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